Rental Performance

STARENT provides you with commercial vehicles from all manufacturers and types, also trailers, followers, transporters new or used on rental basis.

For BIG occasions.
Rent transporters, trucks, buses, vans or trailers of all current manufacturers.

For small needings.
For small needings.You can rent a "small" transporter, van or truck.

For maximum flexibility.
Rent transporters, vans, trailers, buses or trucks on a daily basis or long term rental.

Sell your fleet

At STARENT you are able to sell your commercial vehicles fleet.

At best conditions. You want your commercial vehicle, your trailer, your truck, transporter or your van to sell? We buy your truck, trailer or transporter - also your complete fleet. At fair prices. Rely on our 24 hour service and prompt processing. To your satisfaction. Sell your truck to a fair partner. Just a good feeling. Simply STARENT.

Buy with warranty

At STARENT you can buy commercial vehicles – of course with manufacturer’s warranty.

At top conditions. At STARENT you can buy new and used transporters, trucks and trailers with quality checks and Eco-Check - individual financing options included.

Tailor-made concepts

you are not sure whether you should rent or buy a trailer, truck or van? Whether you sell your used truck and exchange it for a new van to?

advice and expertise. STARENT also offers contract hire and leasing individual models. Whether you are a transporter, trailers, vans or trucks for rent, want your truck or van to sell or buy a new van - Starent is your competent partner for your perfect solution.

Top-financing for new and used vehicles

You are at the wheel. We are your reliable partner.

Our services include not only the rent, recycling and the purchase and sale of tractor, trucks, trailers, vans, transporters and trailers and the financing of new and used commercial vehicles. With our financing models you continue to enjoy free travel internationally.